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We introduce ourselves  as a manpower placement company based in India with recruiting licence registered from The Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. Our head office is based in Delhi, with the branch office in Cochin, Kerala.

It is worthwhile to mention here that our company has also been empanelled by the Ministry of Health & Ministry of Higher Education Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, granted permission to recruit and supply professionals like Doctors / Professors / Nurses and other Staff for Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health Hospitals and Universities.

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Message by CEO

Mansoor Kattanam

The need for manpower, be it any industry or sector, is persistent. Organizations are constantly on the hunt for the best talent they can find in their respective fields, as it is one of the stepping stones to success and continued growth. However, as lucrative as the offer on the table may be, organizations often struggle with identifying the best fit for their employment opportunities. They often misjudge candidates during hiring which results in laggards and decreased productivity, thus impacting their profit margins.

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Director's Message

Industries We Serve

Depending on the needs of our clients, be it short-term or long term, we serve a diverse portfolio of industries ranging from healthcare to hospitality. Based on the kind of expertise that clients look for in their workforce, be it blue, grey or white collar, our range of services can scale up and down while maintaining the desired industry standards. Explore the bouquet of offerings that we have honed over the years.

Health Care

Amidst an ageing and expanding population, and the increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases, the healthcare sector is fast emerging as a priority for Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries as they work to diversify their economies away from a reliance on oil production. As these regions accelerate the construction of Medical Cities and Hospitals in order to increase access to care, the demand for medical professionals will scale up exponentially.

With our proven expertise in recruitment, we help organizations find dedicated professionals including highly qualified doctors, technicians, nurses and medical staff in multiple healthcare arenas encompassing Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Surgery, Neurology, Family Medicine and many more.

Higher Education

GCC is home to a growing base of young population. The positive education trends we're witnessing in the GCC countries are a direct result of a growing school age population. Other factors include technology-driven education strategies, the influx of private school operators, and favourable authority policies and guidelines. The market stays attractive for education investors given the low-tax environment and high financial autonomy they enjoy. With this comes the need for teachers, parents, and leaders to ensure the best teaching standards for all school levels.

Our experienced team of HR professionals help align your needs with the right talent pool and helps you find highly knowledgeable educators as per industry teaching standards, ranging from Teachers to Professors in various disciplines including Mathematics, English, Physics and many more.


In contrast to many Western countries, much of the Gulf’s infrastructure spend is on new-build projects, rather than upgrading ageing legacy assets. Transforming investments into infrastructure requires engineers. The more sophisticated the infrastructure, the more skilled the engineers have to be. Gulf States rely upon expat engineers. This is because although local engineering talent exists, the numbers are low in comparison to demand; and the necessary experience can be lacking.

We help you locate the skills you require and align it to the ideal workforce you need. Our diverse resource pool aids you to find talent ranging from Civil Engineers, Automobile engineers to Oil and Gas Engineers and Telecom engineers.


Construction is one of the leading economic sectors in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. The GCC has a substantial backlog of projects, including developments in transportation, electricity, water infrastructure, new residential and commercial construction, hospitality projects, and major industrial projects. Construction is an important employment sector for the local, foreign, and expatriate workforce. It provides employment for millions of people, ranging from skilled laborers and architects to engineers and project managers.

For the past two decades, we take pride in helping you find the right workforce that you need, ranging from Pipe fitters, masons, electricians, plumbers, scaffolders to manual construction workers who work onsite along with all the above categories.

Hotel and Restaurant

The Gulf nations are becoming a global economic and travel hub, attracting tourists, businesses, and entrepreneurs. Governments in the region are investing a lot in tourism. They’re building luxurious hotels, resorts, and cultural attractions to make the GCC a top destination. The hospitality industry in the GCC region grapples with a significant challenge: a shortage of skilled labor. There is a higher demand for trained professionals in roles ranging from hospitality management to service personnel compared to the available workforce.

Our proven expertise in this industry has helped clients find highly trained and experienced Chefs, Cooks, Waiters, Housekeeping staff etc as per their specifications. We ensure that we put in extreme levels of hard work in locating just the right candidate for you as per industry standards and specifications.

Transportation and Logistics

As it is the case globally, in GCC’s regional logistics market the road freight mode holds the largest share. Today, practically all land cargo within the region is shipped by road freight carriers. The logistics business is experiencing a severe lack of labour supply for several different reasons. The increasing demand for services in the sector has not been matched by an increase in the available manpower supply. Recent years have seen a tremendous shift in the complexity and training requirements of the logistics industry. Because of this, a great number of people who were previously qualified for logistics positions are now unqualified or underqualified.

Our team understands the complexities in the industry better than anyone else. For years we have been helping our clients in the recruitment of Heavy and Light Drivers, Crane and Heavy machinery operators and much more.


The Gulf’s strategic location between Europe, Asia and Africa means it has become an increasingly important global hub for manufacturing. Technology is transforming the GCC’s (Gulf Cooperation Council) manufacturing sector. With the adoption of advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and robotics — often referred to as Industry 4.0— the sector is becoming more interconnected, more automated and more data-driven than ever before.

We have helped clients identify highly skilled labour and manpower, capable of streamlining themselves in order to operate technologically advanced machinery. This includes general factory workers and other machine operators who work on the production floor of the organization

Information Technology

The future of the IT industry in the GCC countries looks promising, driven by digital transformation, smart city initiatives, cybersecurity, innovation, cloud computing, e-commerce, AI, and robotics. The government's commitment to diversifying their economies and the region's growing tech-savvy population contribute to the favorable environment for IT industry growth. However, the GCC is failing to meet the growing need for digital expertise due to a severe shortage of the digital skills that companies crave, such as statistical analysis and data mining, and algorithm design.

Our team of professionals understand the digital shift in today’s world and help you identify the ideal employee for your organization ranging from Graphic Designers, and Programmers to Data entry operators and System administrators.


Retail industry is witnessing a boom in the GCC in recent years. Retailers in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have reported high revenue due to rising inflation rates and increasing consumer spending on necessities. Favorable demographics, improving macroeconomic factors, and tourism revival are expected to be driving factors such as growth. The GCC governments’ push for economic diversification, along with the growing prominence of retailers who sell in both bricks and mortar and online settings, also contribute to the sector’s positive outlook.

We have been known to understand the requirements of our retail clients in the best way and help them recruit Salesmen, Baggers, Butchers, Shelf stackers and checkout counter staff along with many other categories for the past two decades.

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